Webinar Recording: More than Metrics: Communication Measurement Webinar

Webinar Recording: More than Metrics: Communication Measurement Webinar

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This is not a registration for a live webinar, but an order for a webinar recording.

Master your measurement strategy and take your internal communications to the next level

The best communications start with listening. But listening means more than just creating a bunch of surveys or tracking your intranet metrics. You need a measurement strategy that gives you the full picture. Without one, you’ll find yourself churning out a bunch of questions that don’t give you the data you can act upon.

In this practical webinar, communication measurement expert Cindy Crescenzo will walk you through everything you need develop a measurement strategy that delivers results. She’ll talk about:

  • The three steps you need to take to craft the perfect internal measurement strategy
  • What every communicator needs to measure to really understand what’s working and what’s not
  • The fundamental piece of information you need in place in order have a successful measurement strategy
  • The three questions you have to ask yourself to make sure your data counts and you can actually do something with it. Dashboard best practices: how are other internal communicators effectively tracking their progress?

What's Included?
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