Webinar Recording: Build a Creative Content Strategy from Start to Finish

Webinar Recording: Build a Creative Content Strategy from Start to Finish

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This is not a registration for a live webinar, but an order for a webinar recording. The recording will be available, after the live webinar is presented, on August 10, 2018.

Most communicators don’t have a solid content strategy for building out great stories, videos, podcasts, and social media campaigns. Instead, they tend to react to things as they happen.

That leads to a scattershot approach to content, and communicators end up just “checking boxes” and pushing stuff out.

Well . . . that doesn’t work. Not these days, when getting someone’s attention has never been harder. In this new webinar, filled with practical examples from real-life companies, Steve and Cindy Crescenzo will how you how to:

  • Identify the content categories you should be proactively focusing on . . . every quarter
  • Build an editorial plan that keeps you on track . . . and on leadership’s radar
  • A foolproof way to make sure that every major piece of content you create is linked to the organization’s strategic objectives
  • Identify the right channel or channels for a particular piece of content or campaign . . . including how to massage the content for multi-channel campaigns when necessary
  • A system for double checking that the right messages are going to the right audiences
  • Some ammunition you can use to give yourself the time you need to create great content (yes, you can “do less and do it better.”
  • A field-tested, five-step system for building content that is strategic, creative, audience-centric, and compelling
  • Some quick tips and tricks for measuring the success of each piece of major content you create

What's Included?
Upon purchasing, and after the live webinar is presented, you'll receive a link via email to download the webinar recording (an mp4 file) on the date listed above.